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Unleash Juha Lind!

That's right. You thought Finnish hockey was a joke. Or, at the very least, a Jokinen (that would be Olli Jokinen, Finland's baby-faced center). But ask Russia who's laughing now? Hey, Ivan? How did that 3-1 spanking feel?

I think we've learned several things.

1) Never underestimate the motivating power of carp. Remember, Team Finland isn't playing for the gold, the silver, or the bronze. They're playing, basically, for fish. That's all they're interested in. Just some smoked fish.

2) Never underestimate Mikko Eloranta. Many have. Few make the same mistake twice. He scored the winning goal today against Russia, and could have had about four assists. Dude is playing out of his Finnish mind.

3) Hmm, it seems to me there's only one team that has won an Olympic medal in each of the last two Olympics. I wonder ... could it be ... was it ...FINLAND??? The two-time defending bronze medalists are nicely coming together as a TEAM, which is what hockey is: a TEAM sport, not a bunch of spoiled cry-baby superstars (cough, cough, Canada).

I understand Wayne Gretzky is considering adding Jamie Sale' to the Canadian defensive corps, seeing as she knows how to bounce back following a hit.

Go Finns!!!!

Transmitted: 04:52 PM PST 02/18/2002

Replies: 8 comments

Hey! If you love Mikko Eloranta so much.....well, never mind! GO USA!

Posted by Mrs. C. @ 02/19/2002 02:04 PM PST

Maybe Russia is not laughing anymore but I still am.

Ha Ha Ha

Can you say "Hat Trick" in Finnish ???

Posted by John Leclair @ 02/19/2002 04:22 PM PST

Juha on ihana!! AIVAN IHANA!! onx siulla juha tyttöystävää..??? (toivpttavasti EI!!!!)

Posted by Juha-Lind FANI!!! 4-ewa @ 05/14/2002 10:25 AM PST

Does anyone here speak Finnish? Can someone translate that for me? I think its from a Juha Lind fan, but other than that, I have no clue ...


Welcome, visitors from Finland!

Posted by Colin @ 05/14/2002 12:33 PM PST

That means something like this: Juha is gorgeous!! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! Juha, do you have a girlfriend..??? (I hope you don´t!!!)

Posted by H @ 05/18/2002 12:57 PM PST

I´m from Finland too and a great Juha Lind fan. I write this in english so that you understand it too.
paitsi nyt tulee suomeks sille yhelle tytölle, et sori kyl Lind on varattu! harmi!
Bye Bye! See you later!

Posted by elle @ 06/19/2002 04:16 AM PST

juha lind is the best!! i can't understand how some person can be so goodlooking!! he is a very good player too!!

Posted by Milla Kallunki @ 04/26/2003 01:22 PM PST

Juha is absolutely the best!!!
does anyone know, where Juha gonna play at the next season?!

did you know that Juha and his wife Kati have a little babyboy?

Posted by sini @ 07/01/2003 02:24 AM PST

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