12 August  2001
Moron of the Week: Mandy Lauderdale

Welcome to a new feature here at Intermittent Transmissions!  It’s called “Moron of the Week,” where we take a look at something pinheaded, idiotic, or just plain stupid, and call it what it is!

For the inaugural edition of "Moron of the Week," we present Mandy Lauderdale.  You may best remember her as the stringy, red-headed “heart and soul” of Fox’s horrific reality show, “Temptation Island.”  Mandy’s idea of “testing” her relationship with her only slightly dumber boyfriend Billy apparently included letting the Fox Network’s paid gigolos do shots out of her belly button.  (And really, what better way to test the strength of your long-term relationship than to let near-strangers suck alcohol out of your navel, while the entire thing is taped by a television crew to be shown to your boyfriend for his “reaction,” not to mention the entire country on national TV?)

Her participation with the show alone should qualify her for “MOTW” immortality, but it’s a quote in a recent TV Guide Magazine that made me realize just how idiotic she is.
Temptation Island's Mandy
Hey, look!  It's "Temptation Island" "star" Mandy!

Mandy says, “Had I known what would happen, I never would have gone.  The way I was portrayed – scandalous, sexual, emotional – is not how I want people to see me.”

Are you really that stupid?

Where do I begin?  Mandy, honey?  You were going on a show called “Temptation Island.”  Going in, you knew the idea was that you would be sexually tempted by cute guys to leave your boyfriend.  It was on the FOX NETWORK, for crying out loud.  What did you expect, Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in “On Golden Pond?”  (Actually, as it so happens, you probably hoped it would help your singing career.  But we'll get to the career impact in a moment.)

Mandy, I’ve worked on a lot of TV shows.  And let me tell you, it’s hard to just “make up” a personality for someone, if it doesn’t exist, in some form, on the raw tape.  Granted, raw tape can be cut a thousand different ways, but please see my point above.  You were going on TEMPTATION ISLAND.  On FOX.  And you’re shocked and surprised at how you were portrayed?  Wake up!

Actually, I think in the end, you’ve gotten what you deserved:  A job as a soon-to-be forgotten VJ on the increasingly irrelevant MTV.  (Jesse Camp, anyone?)  The deification of the original cable music channel reached fever pitch during a recent 20th anniversary celebration, and let me say, I think the Emperor is not only nude, but is not even wearing a Little Kim falsie.

Case in point:  The channel has hitched its fortunes, for good or bad, on the current teen pop bandwagon, taking us down a Backstreet, getting N*Sync’d with screaming 14 year olds, hitting us one more time with Britney.

And now, N*Sync’s much hyped new album spent a grand total of one week at number one, before getting bumped to number two by a slightly spruced up K-tel style hits compilation.

If MTV is the channel that loves teen pop/Carson Daly/boy bands ... and America starts to come to its senses and realize just how legitimately crappy that type of “music” is ... then where does that leave the channel?  Good luck, suckers.

These days, MTV couldn’t find the cutting edge with a road map.  Everything about it is prepackaged, safe, and regurgitated.  Just like its hiring of reality-show refugees as VJ’s.


http://www.fox.com/temptation/ -- official site


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